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Charming is something fairly easy you can do without any tools so it's a great place to start for beginners.


Charming jewellery : How to !

First of all, you're going to want to cleanse whatever you're charming. You can do this by setting the jewellery on top of some salt, smoke/incense cleansing, moving water, however you usually cleanse.


Now onto the actual charming, it's fairly simple.

Place the object in your hand, keep saying or thinking your intent in your head as a build up. Do this throughout the charming. Visualise sending your intent down your arm, into the object.


Keep sending your intent until you feel like the object can't hold it anymore. Some people say they feel the object buzz/tingle.

Once you feel you're done, you can finish off by saying something like "It is done.","Amen.", you can kiss it, etc. After you're done, you should have successfully charmed your jewellery/object! You can just wear it, cleanse it if you ever feel like you have to, and recharge when needed!